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- 25 years old;


- In my free time I like drawing, playing basketball, playing video games, watching movies and reading comic books.


- Character Design (passion for games and characters);


- 21 completed games in the curriculum;

- 3 games awarded as Best Game;

- 5 Ludum Dares;

- 1 SBGames Jam;

- 2 games published;


- Degree in Digital Games Development at Feevale in 2015;


- One year working as an interface designer at Minovelt;


- Currently we have a game of pass the steam greenlight;


- I worked for two years as a general artist and character designer for Revolver Games Studio;


- Currently working as an Technical Artist for the company Aquiris Game Studio S/A;

- 5 years experience with Zbrush;

- I taught 2 character design courses at college feevale, Brazil;


- Advanced knowledge in ZBrush, 3DS Max, Photoshop, MotionBuilder and XNormals;


- Able to perform all the steps to create a 3D character (concept art, low and high poly modeling, texturing, rigging, skinning and animating);


- Workflow knowledge for exporting and importing models from 3DsMax and MotionBuilder to Unity (versions 4 and 5) and Unreal 4;


- Unreal 4 knowledge of Persona, Physical Asset and animation retargeting for Skeletal Meshes;


- Language: Português, Franch (basic), English (intermediate).






Curriculum Vitae

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